PPC - Pay Per Click - is a paid but very effective way of advertising that runs in content or search ad networks, where the advertiser pays only for the visitor who clicked on the ad to get to their site. You don't pay for impression, but only if the user actually clicks on your ad, so you only pay for visitors who can turn into paying customers.

Google Ads PPC - can respond very quickly to the needs of the advertiser. This way you can cover keywords in the search network that appear on the lower positions. Respond quickly to currently announced price deals, but also increase awareness of the brand or company for the selected target group. PPC is direct advertising, it will start to work in a significantly shorter time than SEO. Professional management saves the client time, brings better campaign efficiency and helps to invest money spent on advertising more efficiently.

Google Ads - will bring results almost immediately after the payment. In addition, we can directly influence which keywords we advertise on and how much we're willing to pay for them.

When creating and managing PPC campaigns, we rely on facts obtained through data analytics. We regularly monitor and evaluate the created campaigns in order to achieve the best possible results with regard to the set goals. We add not only the necessary keywords to your ads copy, but also news and ideas that can be effective and relevant to your project.

In addition, with Google Analytics statistics and their goals, we can very effectively evaluate which ads, keywords, etc. have a benefit for us.

Based on experience, we can predict whether it's good for you to pay per click, per conversion, or per thousand impressions - CPC ads show to different people and have different dynamics than impression ads.

PPC has a text or banner form. The best known networks where you can advertise are:

  • Google Ads
  • Sklik
  • Heureka
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Youtube
  • Strossle

Advantages of PPC advertising

  • Precise targeting of a group of customers who are interested in your product / service
  • Clear and flexible campaign financing
  • Acceptable price / performance ratio compared to other forms of Internet advertising
  • Measuring the effectiveness, performance of the campaign during its duration
  • Remarketing