Data analytics


Data analytics is not a separate service, but it’s an essential part of our SEO and PPC services. Its results give us a solid foundation in planning further steps. We work with advanced data analytics which is a core component of technical SEO. Only keyword research can be ordered as a separate service.

Data analytics helps to make the right decisions. All we need is a collection of data over a period of time. Evaluated results help us to find and eliminate the “weak spots”, provide us answers and reveal why something does or doesn’t work. Predictions based on intuition can be misleading. That’s why we rely on hard facts. Your online advertising will be targeted by relevant data rather than intuition, saving you a significant amount of your financial resources.

Raw analytical data can be dull and hard to interpret. That’s why we visualize the collected data, explain the measured values and other details, so you know what it means to you and your business. The data analysis primarily focuses on:

  • correct data collection
  • tracking important metrics relevant to your project
  • determination of significant traffic sources
  • average time spent on your page
  • ratio of new and returning visitors
  • number of conversions
  • what your visitors are looking for on your website
  • why users leave your website
  • whether your CTA phrases work
  • visibility of the navigation and content for the visitors
  • relevance of headlines to content

Based on the analyzed analytical data, we can put together a plan of necessary changes and predictions. We can also prepare a basic or a long-term analytical strategy. Using statistical methods, we can predict the progress in your segment in advance, collect long-term data and create stable strategic goals for your business.