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We are here with March's news from the marketing world


Third of the year is already behind us and we are here once again with March's news from the marketing world .

Google News – March 2022

Google Ads: Enhanced Conversion for Leads

Approximately a year ago, Google has launched enhanced website purchase conversions for better tracking. In March, they introduced enhanced conversions for leads.

The main goal of enhanced conversions is to improve tracking of conversion in order to increase the quality of data for Google Ads and its machine learning using hashed conversion data.

Enhanced conversion for leads can also improve measurement of offline transactions that came from the website, e.g., emails, phone calls. The focus is on improving leads that were acquired from the web.

Leads that made into conversions are then imported back to Google Ads and matched with the ad that made the conversion possible.

Find out more about enhanced conversions for leads.

Source: Google Ads Help & Search Engine Land

Google Shopping with A New Attribute

Google is introducing a new attribute for Google Shopping that can further improve your feeds in Google Merchant Center.

The new short title [short_title] will be used for placements, where the length is limited due to space, e.g., Discovery campaigns. Google can shorten the title automatically or you can specify it by using the mentioned attribute.

We believe Google wants to improve the titles for better user-experience while giving advertisers control to adjust it.

For best practices, we recommend checking out the help centre.

Source: Google Merchant Center Help

Google Page Experience Update

In March, Google has announced a completed rollout for Google Page Experience Update for desktops. The whole implementation has taken about 9 days.

Reaction of the SEO community varies. Some see decrease in organic search, others on the other hand, haven’t noticed any changes. There were some examples, where websites with low score of Core Web Vitals did not lose any significant organic traffic.

As Google has previously said, the main goal of this update was to highlight pages with great user-experience, which is one of the factors during page evaluation.

Find out more about the Page Experience Update for desktop.

Twitter discussion here.

Source: Twitter @glenngabe & @googlesearchc

Google Introducing a New Ad Format

Approximately 89% in-market users looking for a new car search online. Based on Google’s data, in 2021, more than 16% of new car owners have purchased their car online.

As an answer to this new trend, Google is introducing a new ad format in Search called vehicle ads.

Vehicle ads are currently available only in the US, but Google plans to expand this ad format to more countries. The ad is quite similar to Shopping ads in Search – there’s an image, information about the car like location of the dealership, car model, price and mileage. All the information is provided in a customized feed for vehicle ads in Merchant Center.

Find out more about vehicle ads.

Source: Google Ads & Commerce Blog

Google Reviews Not Posting

During March, Google had a minor issue with Google Reviews not posting and disappearing from Google My Business profiles. Google knew about this problem and managed to deal with it within a few days.

Reviews posted during the mentioned period are now available and new reviews are appearing as usual.

Did you have any issues with Google My Business reviews?

Source: SEO Roundtable

New AdSense Ad Unit

Google introduced a new type of contextual ad unit called Related Search for Content.

This new ad unit shows related queries on the website, where the user currently is. After clicking on a query, it takes the user to a results page within the same website with more related searches accompanied by ads.

The main goal here is to improve on-site engagement (traffic, pageviews, impressions) by keeping the user on the web rather than redirecting him away. This ad unit is also privacy-preserving since it uses the website’s data and not the user’s data.

Find out more about this new ad unit.

Source: Google AdSense

Google Ads Editor V2.0 Is Here

In March, Google rolled out a new version of Google Ads Editor. They skipped the 1.9 version and jumped right to 2.0 (previous version was 1.8).

The biggest thing in this new version is the support for Performance Max campaigns, asset groups and products groups.

Moreover, the new version also supports conversion goals and some new supported recommendations were added as well.

Check out what’s new in the latest Google Ads Editor.

Source: Google Ads Help

Google Testing New Search Features

Google is experimenting with a new label for Google Shopping. Products from the same category are compared, and the ones with lower price than the average price get a lower price label. The label shows after clicking on the product card.

Moreover, Google is testing a more prominent call-to-action button for Google Ads in Search. There’s a new CTA with an icon and text for Buy and Contact actions.

We personally were not able to replicate this so far.

Source: SEO Roundtable


Facebook & Instagram News – March 2022

Meta Improving Facebook Groups

Meta has introduced some news concerning FB groups that should make the life admins and moderators a lot easier. One of the new features is automatic detection of posts spreading false news and disinformation. Meta uses a third-party tool to filter out these posts. Admins can use this tool to automatically block fake news.

In addition, Meta is improving the functionality of Admin Assist by introducing a feature, that can automatically approve or deny user requests to join the group based on specified criteria. Thanks to this, the approval process got a lot easier. Automatic approvals/disapprovals can be manually changed.

Moreover, users can use share the FB group using a QR code that can be found on the About page.

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Source: Meta