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We bring you a summary of the news from the world of marketing for April 2023.


Google News – April 2023

Google Testing Verification Badge for Advertisers

Have you completed your Google Ads advertiser verification yet? In addition to the fact that it will be your turn sooner or later, it also comes with an advantage. Google is testing a blue verification badge in Search for verified advertisers.
This visual element can set you apart from the competition. The advertiser verification program is Google's way to a more transparent web.
Find out more about the verification badge.
Source: SEO Roundtable


GA3 vs GA4 – Data Differences

The date that embodies a nightmare for many marketers is slowly approaching. From the 1st of July 2023, Universal Analytics (GA3) will stop collecting data and will be replaced by Google Analytics 4.

There are many differences between the 2 analytics tools, but mainly the principle of operation (session-based vs event-based). Be aware, because it may also affect your affiliate campaigns.

Several experts commented on the topic at, including our CEO Vilo. According to him, the new data model will bring greater efficiency, but a change must also occur in the way marketers think. Analysing users’ activity and engagement will be more important than just tracking the website’s traffic.

You can read the entire article and the statement of other experts at




In April, we got busy and produced an information-packed blog about keyword analysis. You can think of it as a gateway to online business, but it can also reveal opportunities and shortcomings of the current state of your website. But do you know about all its use cases?
If keyword analysis is an abstract concept for you, you don't know what to make of it, what it looks like, what it contains and how it is done, then read our extensive blog on this topic.


Google: Goodbye Attribution Models

Google has made an announcement that was more or less certain to come. Four attribution models will sunset in September 2023 – first-click, linear, time decay and position-based attribution model.
According to Google, the reason for cancelling these attribution models is their low usage within Google Ads. Google recommends switching to a data-driven attribution model, which will become the default choice.
Find out more information.
Source: Search Engine Land


Google Ads and GA4 Migration

The end of Universal Analytics is inexorably approaching. This also results in certain responsibilities, even for Google Ads advertisers, which Google has also pointed out.

If you are currently importing Universal Analytics conversions for optimizing your Google Ads campaigns, you should definitely migrate to GA4. Since UA will stop collecting data, your Google Ads campaigns will be without conversion data starting 1/7/2023. As a result, the performance of your campaigns can also decrease rapidly.

That's why you should update your conversion tracking today. We recommend setting the conversions via the Google Ads conversion tag or creating the desired conversion in GA4 and importing it into Google Ads.

Not sure how to make the switch and need help? Make sure to contact us.


Shipping Information in Google Search

The cost of shipping is an important factor customer journey. That's why Google is expanding information about shipping into organic search results as well. In addition, information return policy can also be displayed too.
You can incorporate these elements using structured data ( If you are using Merchant Center, an alternative option is to set up your shipping information right there.
The extension is currently available for US only, but it will be gradually released to other countries as well.
Find out more about shipping in Search.
Source: Google Search Central

SEOlogger is Nearly Here

Are you looking forward to SEOloger? We definitely are! This unique SEO event will take place in the first week of May, specifically from 5.5 - 7.5.2023.
Our Vilo will be also giving a lecture, which will take place on Saturday (6/5/2023) evening at 8:00 p.m. In his lecture, he will show us why we distinguish websites according to the type of content, what types of content we know and how an SEO specialist can work with them.
You can find the entire program and tickets at

Google Ads to Provide More Search Terms

Ginny Marvin revealed via Twitter that Google is working to provide more search terms for Google Ads campaigns.

In January 2022, Google restricted search terms for privacy reasons. But now it looks like we will see more data after all, while Google will continue to respect users’ privacy.

We can't wait!

Source: Twitter @adsliaison