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The new month is here, so let’s recap the most important news from last month


Google News – November 2022

Zero-click Searches: New Semrush Study

Semrush has released a new study, where they analyzed zero-click searches. Zero-click searches are the ones where a user enters a search query, but the search engine results page provides him/her with an answer without the need of clicking on a website.

Clicks have been divided into different categories. The results were surprising. Around 26% of desktop searches and 17% of mobile searches result in zero-click. However, there’s also the query modification which they did not include here – when a user modified the search query to find better results. They also define so-called Google clicks, where the URL changes, but the user stays on Google and switches to a different tab like images, shopping and so on.

We highly recommend reading the study, there can find some useful insights.


Google Is Testing in Search

Yet again, Google is testing new features in Search to provide more relevant results for search queries.

There have been some design changes for sitelinks – in organic search and ads as well. The text is not bigger, but there’s a new border around it which emphasizes the sitelinks. Did you stumble upon this new design?

A few weeks ago, we informed you about Google showing the company’s logo (favicon) in Search on mobile devices. Seems like it has been quite successful and Google is testing it on desktop devices as well. We think it looks good, because finally the desktop and mobile search designs are coming together.

Source: SEO Roundtable

Farewell, Similar Audiences

Google is sunsetting similar audiences in Google Ads. The change won’t be a drastic one, you have time to prepare for it and you can keep historic data.

User privacy is very important to Google. By minimizing third-party cookies, Google is looking for different solutions (e.g., smart bidding, optimized targeting, etc.) that can help advertisers find the right target audience.

Similar audiences will continue to work the upcoming 6 months. In May 2023, there won’t be new similar audiences and you won’t be able to add existing ones to campaigns. However, campaigns using similar audiences will continue to work as usual. The final goodbye is expected in May 2023, when similar audiences will be deleted from campaigns, leaving behind only historic data.

In order to prepare for this change, make sure you find out more about similar audiences.

Source: Google Ads Help

Your Products on Google Using GSC

Google is here to help small business as well, who don’t have budgets for a separate IT department. There’s a new, easy way how to get your product listings on Google.

In Google Search Console, there’s a new section called Shopping tab listings under Shopping. It will be available for ecommerce websites that have implemented structured data for products.

Thanks to this, you don’t need a product feed. It will be created and automatically updated thanks to product structured data on your website. It’s a new, easy and quick way how to get your products on Google.

Find out more here.

Source: Google Search Central

Are You Familiar with Google’s Systems?

Google uses several automatized systems, which helps indexing and ranking relevant and useful content for users. Google created a summary of its systems, that are implemented in their algorithm. 

However, you can find also systems that are not used anymore or have been integrated into a different system.

Find out more about Google’s systems and algorithms here.

Source: Google Search Central

Google Ads Library

If you are advertising on Facebook, you may have be familiar with Facebook Ads Library. It’s a library, where you can search for different advertisers and view their active ads that are running.

On Google, there wasn’t such an option, until now. The process is not as straightforward as on Facebook.
First, you need to find an ad from a verified advertiser. Then click on the arrow next to the URL address and then on more ads from this advertiser.

Facebook & Instagram News – November 2022


Post Scheduling on Instagram

Instagram is launching post scheduling. The feature has been in testing for some time, but now it is globally available for business and professional accounts.

You might be confused, because post scheduling has been available since 2020 in Creator Studio. However, the scheduling is now available directly in the app. You can schedule photos, carousels and Reels up to 75 days.