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Hope you are ready for November’s list of marketing news.


Hope you are ready for November’s list of marketing news. As you will find out, Google clearly dominated our selection this month. Let’s get to it. 

Google News – NOVEMBER 2021

Google Ads: Conversion Goals and Explanations

Google Ads is introducing conversion goals – a new way of optimizing towards relevant business goals at the account or campaign level. Conversion goals should make the optimisation of goals a lot easier.

Their main advantage is that they semantically group conversion actions together based on the importance to the given business. This way you can group different campaigns with the same goal at hand, so the campaigns will share relevant data with each other resulting in better optimization.

You can find conversion actions grouped in conversion goals during the campaign setup process.

Moreover, Google Ads is releasing support for Tag Assistant, which will verify whether your conversion tags are set up and working correctly.

Other than that, Google is also introducing new Explanations, which should help advertisers better understand fluctuations of conversion value (decrease in impressions, conversion rate etc.). These explanations are available for Search campaigns using Target ROAS or Maxime conversion value strategy.

Find out more about these changes.

Source: Google Ads Help


Google: November 2021 Spam Update

During the first week of November, Google has announced the update of their Search algorithm. This update specifically targets spam websites, thus its name – November 2021 Spam Update.

The main goal of this change is to get rid of spammy websites and improve the overall search experience. Just to note, this is the 4th update of this kind this year so far.

If you are following Google’s best practices, don’t worry, you should not be affected by this update.

Source: Twitter @searchliaison


Official Date for Page Experience Update

In September 2021, Google has announced, that the rollout of Page Experience Update for mobile devices has been completely implemented into their algorithm. There have been some talks, but now we have an official date for the rollout of this update for desktops.

Page Experience for desktops will start to roll out in February 2022, the rollout should be complete by the end of March 2022.

What’s the difference between the mobile and desktop version of this update? All the factors are the same with the exception of the mobile-friendly signal, which does not apply to desktop.

Find out more on the official Google Blog.

Source: Google Search Central Blog


Google Ads Editor 1.8 Is Here

After the summer update, Google has released the autumn version of Google Ads.

This new version (1.8) comes with a lot of improvements, for example:

  • Easier sign-in – you don’t need to copy and paste the token from the browser. After signing in in your browser, the Editors signs you in automatically.
  • New Overview page – there’s a new overview page like the one in Google Ads desktop interface
  • Upgrade match type for keywords – you can now update all keywords type to broad match
  • Display-Gmail campaigns read-only – you cannot create these types of campaigns anymore. You can only view, stop or delete them.
  • Support for asset-based extensions

You can find the entire list here.

Source: Google Ads Editor Help

Introducing Performance Max Campaigns

Maybe you remember, how we informed you about a year ago that Google is introducing a new type of campaign called Performance Max. Guess what! The time has come!

Performance Max campaigns are officially available for all advertisers from November 2021.
Performance Max campaigns specialize in a unified advertising experience. With just one campaign, your ads can be seen in:

  • Search Network
  • Display Network
  • Discover & Gmail
  • Google Maps
  • YouTube

These campaigns are fully automated, the only a few things are required from the advertiser (ad text, images, videos) and the campaign does all the work thanks to machine learning and Smart Bidding.

Find out more about Performance Max campaigns.

Source: Google Ads & Commerce Blog

Google November 2021 Broad Core Algorithm Update

Google has announced via Twitter that they are releasing big update of their algorithm. This is nothing new, Google does these updates a few times a year.

Broad algorithm updates focus on improving the overall performance of search, it does not focus on a specific issue (like the Spam Update, for example).

You might notice some fluctuations during the release of the update. Google, as always, recommends the stay calm and follow their best practices. In a nutshell, create high quality content and make sure your website is super-fast and user-friendly.

Find out more about broad core algorithm updates.

Source: Twitter @googlesearhc


Google Search Console With a Fresh New Look

Google also managed to update the look of the Google Search Console in November. Talk about being busy!

The new design is much cleaner and fresh looking, with improving the accessibility and the overall user experience in mind. No new features have been added, the tools remained in their respective places.

Source: Google Search Console



Instagram Testing Longer Stories

Instagram officially started testing 60-second versions of Stories for selected users. As you know, Stories are currently only 15-seconds long, which means that longer content has to be split into parts and sometimes the transition between the segments can be awkward and disruptive.

According to Instagram, longer Stories have been highly requested by the community. Instagram wants to give its creators more space for their creativity.

Moreover, Instagram introduced a little improvement for carousel posts. Now, you can edit separate carousel images or videos, without removing the entire post and reposting it. It’s a neat little feature.

Source: Social Media Today