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We bring you a summary of the news from the world of marketing for March 2023.


Google News – March 2023

Google Ads Testing New Interface, Again

We are slowly getting used to the new look of Google Ads, which was changed only recently, but Google is already testing a new one. However, it is a limited test only, so it will only be available for some accounts.

It's primarily a cleaner design, experimenting with one-level and two-level navigation.

Learn more about the new Google Ads design.

Would you adopt this new design?

Source: SEO Roundtable


SEPR Changes Live On Desktop

You may have noticed that over the past month, Google has started to display the site name, favicons and Sponsored label on the desktop as well. We are used to this view on mobile since October 2022. It was previously tested on desktop as well, but it looks like these changes are now available globally.
You can implement the site name and favicon using structured data for organic search. For advertisers, the site name and logo are set in Google Ads, but this features is still in beta, so might not be available for everyone.
Learn more about the SERP changes.
Source: Search Engine Land


March 2023: Google Broad Core Update

In March, we have witnessed the first major update of the Google algorithm this year. It was officially launched on March 15th and the total implementation took 2 weeks. If you see fluctuations in performance, we do not recommend making changes, wait another 1-2 weeks.
In case you forgot - the last update of this type was back in September 2022.
If you were negatively affected by the update, Google recommends working on the content of your website.
Learn more about the March Google Broad Core Update.
Source: Search Engine Land


Google Trends In a New Look

Google has updated Google Trends with a new design. But in addition to that, other features have also been added, such as real-time trends that are now available on the home page.
Trends are updated every hour including links to relevant source as well.

For more information, we recommend reading the official announcement from Google or just go ahead and explore the new Google Trends.

Source: Google Trends


Google Testing New Verified Badge

Have you completed your Google Ads advertiser verification yet? Don’t worry, it will be your turn sooner or later, but there might be some advantages in doing so. Google is testing a blue badge in Search indicating that the advertisers is verified.
This visual element can set you apart from the competition. Advertiser verification is Google's way to a more transparent web.
More information about the badge for verified advertisers.
Source: SEO Roundtable