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We bring you a summary of the news from the world of marketing for January 2023.


Google News – January 2023

Landing Pages in GA4

If you’ve been occasionally exploring the new interface of Google Analytics 4 you’ve surely noticed that one of the most important reports were missing - the landing page report. Google chose a “DIY approach” and you had to create the report by yourself.

However, many users were complaining about it and Google have heard them. Since December, the landing page report is available in the Engagement section in GA4.

Learn more about the landing page report here.

Source: Google Analytics Help

Google Ads and Redundant Keywords

Google has been sending email notifications to advertisers about keyword change in Google Ads starting January 29th. Recommendation to remove redundant keywords will work a little bit differently.

Now it worked within the same ad group, strategy and match type. Now however, the recommendation will apply to all match types. We think it’s just another measure of Google to make advertisers prefer broad match if it covers a keywords in exact or phrase match.

Advertisers are not very enthusiastic about this change. Read more about it here.

Source: SEO Roundtable

New Ecommerce Metrics in GA4

From now on, Google Analytics 4 provides an item-scoped and event-scoped ecommerce metrics as well. This means, we can analyze e.g., purchased products, number of products, but also in which country they were purchased.

You can find the full list here.

In addition, there were also some cosmetic changes in GA4, where some names of metrics were changed, e.g.:

  • Add-To-Carts → Add to carts
  • Item views → Item view events
  • Item purchase quantity → Items purchased

Source: Google Analytics Help

Waiting Time in Local Search

Google is constantly testing new ways to improve local search by providing relevant information to its users. This time he is experimenting with the Check Wait Time button, which is supposed to inform about the average waiting time, e.g., in a restaurant.

We couldn’t replicate the result, so it must be an experiment on a small group of users.

Source: SEO Roundtable

Farewell, Google Optimize

Google is working really hard to get marketers to use Google Analytics 4. This is further supported by their decision to end the famous A/B testing tool Google Optimize.

According to Google, Google Optimize is not meeting the standards and expectations of its users. Rather, they want to focus on GA4 and improve the tools there to offer more robust A/B testing capabilities.

Google Optimize will be available until September 30, 2023. Running experiments will continue to work until then. Don't forget to download your useful data. Find out more here.

Source: Google Optimize Resource

Apple Business Connect

It’s news from Google, but we think it’s quite important. At the beginning of January, Apple introduced Business Connect - a tool for local SEO optimization. With the help of the tool, you can customize how your business will be displayed across Apple applications (e.g., in Apple Maps). It's actually an Apple variant of Google My Business.

You can sign up for free, so we definitely recommend giving it a try. You can find the official message from Apple here.

In addition, Search Engine Land has also written a short guide on how to set up Apple Business Connect.

Source: Apple Newsroom & Search Engine Land

Facebook & Instagram News – January 2023

Say Goodbye to Creator Studio

Meta is gradually announcing to users that Creator Studio will be replaced by the more versatile tool Meta Business Suite. Currently, you can still switch back to Creator Studio after trying it out, but that won't be the case for a long time.

Business Suite offers more comprehensive tools and useful alerts. However, it has a different environment compared to Creator Studio, which users will have to get used to.

Learn more about Meta Business Suite.

Which tool do you prefer?

Source: Social Media Today